Choose Saree According to Body Type of a Woman

Saree for Tall Women:
• If you are tall then I am sure you would not like to be looked like a tall pillar. In this case you should buy or choose such saree which outlook you tall height. For example you should choose a saree with bold colors, large prints and broad & heavy borders, as this will not let your excess height being noticed.
• Saree with large prints also good to make you look shorter than you are.
• Cotton Saree, Raw Silk Saree and Pure Silk Saree are also ideal.
• Sheer Sarees with net & lace work and embellished with heavy border gives taller and slim women gorgeous and sexier look.
• The sarees with heavy borders in contrast are quite trendy these days.
• Tall and slim women have more option to choose from Sarees.
Saree for Short Women:
• While selecting saree for a short woman one thing should be kept in mind, and that is, you should choose a saree which creates an apparition of length.
• A saree with light colors, short borders and vertical prints will be a perfect choice for you.
• There are so many sarees in the market with light colors, prints in vertical designs and with short or no borders which will make you look tall.
• Sarees with large border will make you look short so better to avoid such sarees.
• Chiffon, Georgette, Shimmer and Silk Sarees are ideal for short women.
Saree for Overweight Women:
• All kind of light weight sarees such as Georgette sarees, Chiffon sarees, Crepe sarees are best suitable for overweight women. Apart from this Heavy Mysore Silk Saree is also a good option for you.
• Always try to choose dark colors and prints as they will give you slim and beautiful look.
• Saree should fit closely around your body while draping so that it gives you a slimmer look.
• Make sure the saree has a border, as saree without border will make you look bulky and fleshy.
• You can also wear sarees made from cotton mixed with other fabrics e.g. cotton silk sarees, they will also give you slimmer look.
Saree for Slim & Skinny Women:
• Slim women should choose heavier sarees for themselves; they should try sarees made from heavy fabrics like Heavy Cotton Sarees, Heavy Silk Sarees, Heavy Brocade Sarees, Heavy Designer Saree, etc.
• Embroidered Sarees with heavy zari and other work also make a woman more beautiful and gorgeous.
• Printed Sarees with attractive and beautiful designs and large prints gives cool look to slim ladies.
• Slim ladies can also try Heavily Embellished Lehenga Style Sarees, Tissue Sarees, Organza Sarees, Tussar Sarees and Kancheepuram Silk Sarees as these also suits for their slim body type.
• Avoid Chiffon, Georgette and Crepe Sarees as they will make you look skinnier and slimmer.
• You can also try light color saree like white, off-white or any other light shades.
Saree for Short and Slim Women:
• Silk sarees with thin borders that can add height and volume are the best for short and slim women.
Short Height & Dark Color Women:
• I would advise you to go for dark colors sarees like dark pink, grey, black, maroon, green or completely contrast colors for example white, off white, etc.
• You can also try saree in plain opaque black or white color.
Sarees for Voluptuous Busty Women:
• Chiffons, Georgettes and Silk Sarees are best outfit for voluptuous busty women to show their natural voluptuous and curvaceous body figure sexier and beautiful.
• These Sarees will not only accentuate the curves of a woman buy will also give them gorgeous and enticing look.