Choosing Sarees for Occasions

For Wedding Party:
• For wedding party and functions one should wear sarees with rich look and work.
• South Indian silk sarees like Kancheepuram Silk Sarees, Mysore Silk Sarees, Sambhalpuri Silk Sarees, and Banarsi Sarees would be the best saree for and wedding and party.
• Not only they are perfect for wedding but these Sarees can also be worn during any festival.
• Although these sarees are quite costly but it they will give you not only rich look but also make you look gorgeous, beautiful and like a queen.

For Day Time Event:
• For any daytime event or party or function you should avoid dark colors except black color, otherwise you would look overdressed.
• Light color sarees are best option for women for daytime for example light green, light yellow, cream color, peach, light blue.
• A white saree with some designs and beautiful prints can do wonders.
• Avoid saree with heavy embroidery and zari work as it may give you odd look, so better to avoid these saree for daytime.
• Lace work is better for daytime function and party.

Evening and Night Function:
• For evening and night function like wedding party and other functions the saree with rich look and heavy embroidery and zari work are suitable.
• Silk Sarees like Banarasi Silk Sarees, Mysore Silk Sarees, Kancheepuram Silk Sarees gives rich look to a women and are perfect for wedding party.

For Traveling and Outing Purpose:
• Light weight and synthetic sarees are better for travelling & outing as they are more manageable and comfortable.
• A saree with light colors, light embroidery, and small prints is ok but avoid dark colors, large prints and heavy embroidery & zari work.

For Festival Occassions:
• There are so many Designer Sarees available online especially for festival occasions you can find many online shopping stores selling them.
• Indian Silk Sarees are also perfect to wear during any festival, for example Banarasi Sarees, South Indian Silk Sarees like from Mysore and Kancheepuram; they give traditional and rich look. Temple Jewellery will go fine with such kind of sarees. You can find such jewellery at BeelinePune.

For Office Going Purpose:
• In office you should pinup your saree as it will be more manageable and comfortable for you.
• Light color Sarees like light pink, green, peach, blue, cream, off-white and white Sarees with light prints and embroidery work are suitable for office going.
Other Important Points for Sarees:
• You should properly iron cotton sarees, tissue sarees and other sarees which needs to be starched otherwise they will make you look fatty and bigger.
• The pleats of a saree should always be tucked properly and neatly to so that you get a smart and beautiful look.
Sarees are not only popular in India, but the women across the world are fascinated with the beauty of saree and have been including it in their wardrobe.