Guide to buy the right saree according to the occasion

Confused on how to buy the right saree type? Buying a right kind of saree is not an easy task as there
is so many options available. Let’s try to guide to pick the right saree for the occasion.
Check the true colour in natural light and not in yellow light of the shop. This will add a different
share of your outfits. Some shades that look really great inside the store might look very different
outside. So make sure you buy the right colour.
Is this for a party or event at night or in the day time? You have to keep this in mind and select the
colour accordingly. Prefer to wear a light colour in a day time and something dark in the evening.
Trendy Saree
If you are fond of trendy saree, make sure you check the internet, read magazine and do some
research on it.
Fabrics are the most basic when you are buying a saree. You should touch and feel. Buy a genuine
fabric. Your skin has to be comfortable with the fabric. Some fabrics are super heavy which make
you more uncomfortable. Ultimately fashion is more about the comfort and style.
If you wish to wear a printed saree, you need to consider your height and weight. Remember the big
prints and designs will make you look fat also go for strips if you are short. If you wish to look taller
then get a plain saree with border in the end. If you still wish to wear prints, get yourself saree’s in
small print.
If you are looking for an embroidered saree, remember the occasion.