How to keep clothes looking new?

Faded clothes can be frustrating, but this process is not unavoidable. The way you dress represents
your mood and that’s why you wish to keep it to the best. Your clothes will last longer with regular
cleaning and care. Let’s look at few tips to make your clothes stay new.
1. Follow directions
The care label attached to your clothes will let you know the best way to wash your each
garments like water temperature, hand-wash etc. Do not forget to follow.
2. Inside out
Protect the important part of a garment. Turning your clothes inside out minimizes the
friction from rubbing against which can break their fibres. Remember the same when you
dry clothes with sunlight.
3. Don’t over wash
To limit the effects of fading you should wash only when necessary. A spill or stain doesn’t
have to ruin a garment. For minor stains or spills, spot treat them. Try to clean the stain
4. Avoid Dryer
Usage of dryer makes the surface of the garment fibres rough, which may in turn make your
colours appear fade and shrinking. Dryer heat damages the fabric over a time. Hang to dry.
5. Cold water
Hot water wears out fabrics more quickly. Wash your clothes in cold water, warm water
breaks down the fibres and can cause fading. Cold water prevents colours from bleeding.
6. Do not mix
Do not mix all clothes while washing. Try to wash dark with dark, light with lights and whites
separately. Wash your new clothes separate. Avoid washing white clothes along with
coloured fabrics.
7. Conditioner
Fabric conditioners will lubricate the fibre in your clothes, it will prevent friction and reduces
dye loss. This also freshens your clothes, smooth’s fibre and reduces friction to make fabric
feel soft.


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