How to preserve clothes from fading?

It is important to handle clothing carefully when washing and drying.Taking a few extra precautions before
you begin the chore can help keep your wardrobe looking as good as new.

Wash clothes in cold water:Cold water is the best choice to protect garments colour.Warm water breaks down fibres which can causes
fading,but cold water prevents colour bleeding.

Wash only with light clothing:
Keep your lights with your lights and dark with your darks.Heavy items can ruin delicate clothings.
Skip washing altogether.The more you wash an item, the more faded it becomes.

Use a specialized detergent:
Use a specialised detergent for cold water that can neutralize the chlorine found in tap water ,which can
fade colours.Liquid detergents dissolve better in cold water ,while powdered detergents aren’t guaranteed
to saturate the water completely and thoroughly clean your clothes.

Hang to dry:
The heat of the dryer can cause dark clothes to be faded.So lay it flat or hand dry.If you need to use a
dryer,make sure that you choose a short cycle time and the lowest temperature possible to avoid over

Turn them inside out:
Turning your dark clothing inside out minimizes the friction from rubbing against other clothings which
can break their fibres.

Vinegar method:
Add a half cup of vinegar to each wash load to prevent fading.Vinegar acts as a natural fabric softner and
the smells washes away with the rinse cycle.

The washing instructions on your garments tag isn’t just to make you itchy.They are there to let you know
how to wash the garments so that it will have a long and colourful life.


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