How to store and maintain silk saree?

Silk sarees are one of the most attractive types among the saree. A women’s wardrobe is
incomplete without few silk sarees. Silk sarees are quite an investment. We here share few tips in
handling silk sarees with care. These tips are bound to increase the longevity of your saree life.

1. Do not keep other sarees together with the silk sarees. Wrap each your silk saree with a
muslin fabric or pure cotton fabric and keep it separately. Avoid using a polyester bags.
2. Make sure your refold the sarees quite frequently about once in three months. This will
avoid tearing it form the fold lines. Ensure minimum friction between old clothes.
3. Air them out after each time you use. Use safe methods to wash your sarees, if you wash
avoid wringing them. Make sure to show them sunlight if it’s unused for long time.
4. If your saree has embroidery work, make sure you get a netted lining to preserve the thread
work. Also be sure to fold this inside the saree in order to preserve its sheen.
5. Silk outfits are best maintained if kept hanging. Hence, use hangers for silk saree. This will
leave your saree wrinkle free. Avoid using metal hangers as it may react with the silk.
6. Make sure you store them in cold dark place to keep saree from fading or discolouring.
7. If possible keep some dry neem leaves in your cupboard as they have anti-pest and anti-
fungal properties.
8. Whenever you drape a silk saree even if it’s new iron it first. This will make your pleats to fall
9. Best way to take care of heavy sarees, pattu saree is by dry cleaning them at regular
10. While ironing never move the iron in back and forth motion as it can lead to stretch in silk
fabric. Always put a cloth over it while ironing sarees.

Happy long life to your gorgeous silk sarees.