How to wash Kanchipuram silk sarees at home?

The saree that gives the royal look and rich feel,Kanchipuram saree,got its name from a
small temple town Kanchipuram where it originated. They are noted for their special
weaving techniques where three single threads are used along with a single zari thread.
Silk is a fragile cloth and so it requires a skilled hand to wash it. The best way to wash
the silk fabric would be dry washing, whereas it can be comfortably washed at our homes if
done in a careful manner.
Never machine wash a saree. A saree should be delicately hand washed or dry
Do not wash the saree frequently. It will damage the quality of the silk. For
consequent washes use mild detergents .Harsh detergents and scrubbing will
damage your cherished saree. Use of shampoos is highly preferable. Silk fibre is also
an animal fibre like our hair.
Soapberries or Soapnuts. It offers you a fantastic choice for any compound
additives. They do not damage the zari or silk of your Kanchipuram.
Do not soak for long periods. Do it for 10 -15 min. For rarely used fabrics 5min
soaking is enough.
Do not use any kind of external, objects like a washing brushes to wash the saree as
it would pull off the zari.
Do not use hot water to wash silk saree.
Do not twist or crumple silk saree while washing or drying. Never wring it. First roll
the saree into a dry towel to eliminate the excess moisture, then hang it to a padded
Prevent drying your silk saree in direct sunlight. Shade dry it.

Hence you have learnt how to wash silk saree at home. No need to go to the dry cleaner
anymore. No need to worry about the extra expenses on your silk saree.