Importance of dressing

Time to buy new clothes?

Aren’t you exited when you buy new clothes? You will have sleepless nights until you wear your new dress. That the reason people buy new clothes for new occasions, meetings, interview etc. Clothing is one of your basic need.  Keep your clothes new and clean. 

Our dressing influence our performance. What you wear can influence your thinking and negotiate skills even in hormone levels and heart rate.

Many studies have shown that the clothes you wear can affect your mental and physical performance. Research suggest that there is something biological happening when we put on a colourful outfit and feel like a new person.

Wearing formal business attire increased abstract thinking which helps in creativity. Trying too hard to look sharp can backfire. Use your clothing as an aid and a weapon. Anything where it looks like you didn’t take the time or make the effort comes across badly. Any clothes that prohibit you from doing your job well sends the wrong message.

There are numerous ways in which people wear clothes. In Egypt, penalties proposed for those not wearing decent clothes in public places. Hope you understand the importance of dressing.

Rental clothing is the future of the fashion. Future of smart clothes are not that far. Someday there would be a designs that respond to your commands, change colour or light your way and may pack some serious gadgets. 

Get dressed up! You will feel better.