Most beautiful Indian traditional costumes of women.

Most beautiful traditional costumes of Indian women.

India also has a great diversity in terms of material, dress, weaves and costumes such as saree, Churidaar, Phulkari etc.


A traditional garment for the women, wrapped around the waist and over the shoulder. The saree is worn over petticoat and blouse.


Lehenga a most popular wedding dress of Indian brides, a form of skirt with traditional embroidery, gota patti and pleated. Legenha style saree is a new trend of saree introduced in India.

Ghagra Choli

Ghagra choli also known as lehenga choli most popular customes of Indian women.  Traditional clothing of women from the Indian state of Rajasthan and Gujurat. Choli is a type of blouse worn at upper body. Lehenda is a type of skirt worn as the bottom portion and dupatta is a large scarf won with the lehenga.

Shalwar Kameez

Salwar kameez or salwar kurta worn by both men and women but styles differ by gender. The salwar are loose paijama like trouser and the kameez is a shirt of varying length.

Pavadai Daavani

Pavadai daavani or langa voni is traditional dress worn by young girls from south India. It is also known as two piece saree or half saree comprise with skirt, choli and voni.

Makhela Chadar

Makhela chadar is a traditional Assamese dresses draped around the body by women. The bottom portion is called Makhela and top portion is called chadar.


Phiran is the traditional costumes for both male and females in Kashmir and Himachal region of India. The traditional phiran is loose upper garment with wide sleeves made of either wool or jamewar.

Phulkari and Damaan

A traditional costumes of women from Punjab and Haryana, with unique kind of embroidery and attractive patterns are shows the Indian culture.


Puan are colourful traditional Mizo costumes and most commonly used by Mizo women, Mayek Naiba is a traditional dress of Manipur.